Postman collection

Use this Postman collection to play around and learn the Gigapay API


  • Postman version >=6.x, verify with Help -> Check for updates

  • A token and an integration_id that must to be put into the environment

Import Playground environment

For a fresh installation, import the playground environment file first. Follow the steps below.

Import collection

For a fresh import of the collection, but also for updating, follow the steps below.

Configure Playground environment

After the import was successful, configure a user for the environment.

  • Click on the gear icon at the very top right below the header line

  • A new window opens up with the title "manage environments"

  • Click on the Gigapay text

  • Change the initial and current value of the tokenand integration_idto a valid token that can be obtained from [email protected]

  • Click on the Update button

Using the collection

Before starting a session, always ensure that the correct environment is selected at the top right. When used the collection sets several "runtime variables" in the active environment.

When testing a transfer please bear in mind that you need to fill out the needed details in the JSON-body of the transfer-object.